Of Rybnik Land Information System


Since the creation of RSIP many institutions and corporations express their interest in our system. They want to know more about employed technology, range of data and possibilities of system use in their own institutions. As a result of such an interest there are frequent invitations to conferences and presentations and visits of representatives of different cities from the country and from abroad.RSIP has achieved recognition on state and European level, as evidenced by mentioned below list of awards, distinctions and shows organized for those interested from Poland and from abroad:

14th December 2011
Summarizing Conference on “Rybnik Land Information System” project in Rybnik Municipal Office.

Among invited guests there were Rybnik Coucillors, Municipal Office Management, directors of institutions and captains of public services taking part in the project as well as representatives of investor supervising and main contractor.

23rd November 2011
1st place in “Pantheon of Polish Administration” contest. RSIP has won in category of cities with district rights. The contest has been organized by Geoland Consulting International company under the patronage of the Minister of Economy.

14th October2011
Fair of Geoinformation Knowledge and Solutions GIS  MEETING in Kielce.

07th October 2011
Conference “Implementation of INSPIRE directive in self-government administration in Katowice.

22nd March 2010
Demonstration of the system to the delegation of the Department of Geodesy of the city of Dorsten in Germany (in Rybnik Municipal Office).

Certificate of EPSA European Public Sector Award

RSIP has been granted with the certificate for the best practice in “Improvement of the quality of public services” category.
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Demonstration of the system to the delegation of the city of Dorsten in Germany (in Rybnik Municipal Office).

27th-28th September 2007
National Conference “Modern information and communication technologies as the tools of city management”.

The meeting has been organized by Association of Polish Cities, the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Districts and Rybnik Municipal Office. Among speakers there were representatives of cities presenting their GIS and e-administration solutions and representatives of institutions from Finland: the Higher School from Kokkoka in Finland and the Association of Local and Regional Authorities of Finland.

Self-Government Conference in Jachranka.

National Autodesk conference.

26th July 2007
Presentation of the system to the delegation from Syria
Among the guests there were representatives of ministries and public administration. They have visited our country in order to get acquaint themselves with successes and menaces of GIS projects implemented in Poland.

02nd October 2006
1st place in “Client-friendly self-government office” contest, organized by the Ministry of Interior, the Association of Polish Cities, the Association of Rural Municipalities and the Association of Polish Districts.

Presentations of the system to delegations from various municipal office e.g. from Pszczyna, DÄ…browa Górnicza or Gliwice.