Local plan reviews are made with preservation the rules of:

Town Counil Resolution No. 578/XXIV/2001 and Town Council Resolution No. 451/XXVIII/2004. Article 30 of the Act dated 27th March 2003 The Spatial Planning and Development (Journal of Laws [Dz. U.] No. 80 , item 717) Article 35 of the Act dated 7th July 1994 Construction Law (2003 Journal of Laws [Dz. U.] No. 207, item 2016 with further updates).

The right of access to planning documents is a result of constitutional right to obtain information about the activities of public authorities and people in charge of public functions. To maintain the obligation of providing information about planning activities and planning resolutions there are made publications of Local Plan or Land Use Planning which are available in public journal.

Information obtained from the Internet (from the Rybnik Municipal Office Website) is not a document in the meaning of the law. Everyone has the right to acces the Land Use Planning or the Local Plan and obtain a Local Plan Extract, in accordance with the Article 30 of the Act of The Spatial Planning and Development dated 27th March 2003 (Journal of Laws [Dz. U.] No. 80, item 717).

The basis for the new facilities design are resolutions of the Local Plan.

Local Plan Extract are described and sealed by Municipal Office employee photocopies of the information part and the drawing part of Local Plan, which can be use to get information about the land use plan and conditions of the new facilities design (f.eg. height, number of buildings, architecture characteristics).

The design, which does not correspond with Local Plan conditions, can not be approved.

Obtaining Local Plan Extracts requires payment of a fee which is equal to cost of making such documents. Determining its amount shall be made on the terms of the Act dated 12th January 1991 The Taxes and Local Charges (2002 Journal of Laws [Dz. U.] No. 9, item 84. with further updates).